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Überprüfen Sie die Übersetzungen von 'Akan' ins Twi. Schauen Sie sich Beispiele für Akan-Übersetzungen in Sätzen an, hören Sie sich die Aussprache an und lernen Sie die Grammatik FSI- Twi(Akan) Basic Course Twi is spoken in the southern two-thirds of Ghana, mainly between the Volta and Tano Rivers, but in the last few centuries it has spread over a larger area, especially to the west, so that there are now a large number of speakers in contiguous areas. There are about three million native speakers of Twi, plus about one million more persons who regularly use the. Akan in Deutsch Twi-Deutsch Wörterbuch. Akan Übersetzungen Akan Hinzufügen . Akan proper. Wɔ Akan man mu no, sɛ obi de mmebu di dwuma ahokokwaw mu a, wobu no sɛ onim nyansa. Bei den Akan ist Geschick in der Verwendung von Sprichwörtern ein Gradmesser für Weisheit. @Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data . Algorithmisch generierte Übersetzungen anzeigen. Beispiele. Information about counting in Twi, a variety of Akan, a member of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo language family spoken in Ghana. If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me. Hear some of these numbers

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There are numerous dialects of Akan, including Twi, Fante, Bono, Wasa, Nzema, Baule and Anyi, with a high level of mutual intelligibility between them. Akan languages started to be written down, mainly in religious publications, during the 17th and 18th centuries by Danish, German and British missionaries Akan is a Kwa language of the Niger-Kordofanian family spoken by approximately 4.5 million people in Ghana. The major dialects include Fante, Asante and Akuapem; the latter two are called Twi. The relevant phonetic contrast illustrated here is between advanced tongue root [+ATR] vowels and their plain [-ATR] counterparts. These are transcribed as follows: The contrast exists for the high and. It is one of the three dialects of the Akan language, the others being Akuapem Twi, Kwahu Twi, Fante Twi etc which in turn belongs to the AKAN language family. Within Ghana, Twi is spoken in the Ashanti Region and in parts of the Eastern, Western, Central, Volta and Brong Ahafo Region

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Akan in Twi English-Twi dictionary. Akan adjective proper noun + grammar Of or pertaining to the Akan people. +17 definitions . translations Akan Add . Akan proper. en Niger-Congo language +1 definitions . In Akan society, skill in the use of proverbs is a hallmark of wisdom. Wɔ Akan man mu no, sɛ obi de mmebu di dwuma ahokokwaw mu a, wobu no sɛ onim nyansa. en.wiktionary.org. english tw. Twi ist eine Akan-Sprache. Twi wird von ca. 3.4 Millionen Menschen vor allem in Ghana gesprochen, wo es auch eine der Amtssprachen ist. Innerhalb des Twi werden die Dialekte Aschanti-Twi mit rund 2.800.000 und Akuapem-Twi mit rund 555.000 Sprechern unterschieden Download Akan Input keyboard PC for free at BrowserCam. Keyboards World published the Akan Input keyboard App for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install Akan Input keyboard for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac Download and Install Akan font or Twi font for free Download and Install Akan font or Twi font for free. Download. Size: 859 KB. How to Install Akanfont in MS word. 1. Open the downloaded folder. 2. Select one and double click on it. 3. Click on install and wait for a few seconds to complete. NB: Letter C is c and Letter J is j. 4. Close the window. Now open your text editor ( MS word. Keep Up With Me:https://www.facebook.com/Akuawusua2Ammameresankofa76@gmail.comjanetoseibonsu@gmail.comhttps://www.paypal.me/akuapayhttps://www.instagram.com/..

Download Akan or Twi font for free - PAQsoft Solutions. Download Akan or Twi font for free by Eduacationist. April 08, 2018. Download and Install Akan font for free Follow to Install Akanfont in MS word 1 Akan. Akan ist eine Makro-Sprache in Ghana, welche eine Gruppe eng miteinander verwandter Dialekte umfasst. Zu ihnen gehören u.a. Twi und Fante. Unter Akan versteht man also die Sprachen der kulturell verwandten afrikanischen Völker der süd-zentralen und südwestlichen Regionen Westafrikas. Lewis, M. Paul (Hrsg.) (2009): Ethnologue. Languages of the World. 16. Aufl. Dallas/Texas. S.132. Akan Keyboard Online. Akan Keyboard is a virtual Akan typing keyboard that allows you to type in the Akan language online without installing the Akan Keyboard. With the Akan Keyboard Online, you can write all Akan Alphabet, letters, and words.Start typing now in the Akan language by using your computer keyboard Consider, for example, the schooling of the Akan, the Twi- speaking people of Ghana. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data. your beautiful William Jackson. Show algorithmically generated translations. Examples Add . Stem. Twi (jl-TW) English (jl-E) jw2019. Nanso bere a Yesu duu sodifo no fie no, ohuu atɛntɛbɛnhyɛnfo ne nkurɔfokuw a wɔreyɛ gyegyeegye, efisɛ na abofra. This book, Let's Speak Twi: A Proficiency Course in Akan Language and Culture, is the outcome of many years of teaching and research on the Akan language and culture by the authors. In September 2002, we started teaching at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), as part of a comprehensive research programme in African languages at the Department of Linguistics, a summer course and workshop in.

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Twi [] ist eine Akan-Sprache. Twi wird von ca. 3,4 Millionen Menschen vor allem in Ghana gesprochen, wo es auch eine der Amtssprachen ist Twi Family & Culture Dictionary: The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular Akan-Twi people in a society. Misers - Pεpεe (a person who hoards wealth and spends as... Read more . Share 0. Tweet. Share 0. Free Online Ghanaian Twi Dictionary & Translator. on: May 22, 2016 In: Akan Twi Dictionary, Education, ghana home page, ghana homepage, Twi Dictionary, Twi Translator. Twi. The Twi dialect is understood by the majority of Ghanaians. It is the most widely spoken language in Ghana. If you want to learn any of the Akan dialects, the study of Twi should be foremost in your mind. This is because it is the easiest to grasp

Akan translation in German-Twi dictionary. de Die erzieherischen Anschauungen der Akan ähnelten somit dem, was in der Bibel in Sprüche 22:6 gesagt wird: Erzieh einen Knaben gemäß dem Weg für ihn; auch wenn er alt wird, wird er nicht davon abweichen In a land with multiple tribes speaking over 250 languages, Twi—the language of the Akan people—is the most spoken language other than English with 7 million speakers throughout the country. Here are a few popular words and phrases that tourists and visitors are bound to hear when in Ghana

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  1. Here's a a quick guide to the dialects of the Akan language: Fante, Asante Twi and Akuapem Twi. Akan is the language of the Akan ethnic group of Ghana. It is also spoken in central and eastern parts of Cote d'Ivoire. Akan is part of the Kwa group of languages and part of the Niger-Congo language family
  2. Akan or Twi proverbs are more than wise sayings. They have a wide range of uses and show, principally, that the user is wise and well-educated in the customs of the Akan people. The ability to use language enriched by proverbs is considered sage and is the hallmark of great public speaking. I present fifty important Akan proverbs
  3. translation and definition Akan, Twi-German Dictionary online. Akan . Copy to clipboard; Details / edit ; Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data. Akan { proper } Wɔ Akan man mu no, sɛ obi de mmebu di dwuma ahokokwaw mu a, wobu no sɛ onim nyansa. Bei den Akan ist Geschick in der Verwendung von Sprichwörtern ein Gradmesser für Weisheit. Example sentences with Akan.
  4. The two main subdivisions of Akan are assigned codes in the ISO 639-3 standard: Fanti (fat) and Twi (twi). Fanti dialects: Agona, Anomabo Fanti, Abura Fanti, Gomua. Twi dialects: Ahafo, Akuapem, Akyem, Asante, Asen, Dankyira, Kwawu
  5. First-semester four-skill Akan Twi course leading to proficiency in oral expression, listening comprehension, reading, writing, and cultural understanding. Course combines face-to-face classes with internet instruction. Students require a computer with microphone, webcam and a reliable Internet connection

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Most Akan people speak the Twi Fante. Others speak the Bia language. The majority of the Twi speaking communities include people from the Akuapem, Asante, and the Akyem. The Bia language is spoken by groups that include Agon, Kwahu, Wassa, and the Fante. An average Akan person speaks English. The average population of Akan people is estimated to be about 20 million. It is one of the west. Ja, Twi ist eine weitverbreitete Sprache, überwiegend in Ghana gesprochen, aber auch in angrenzenden Ländern. Sie gehört zu den Akan Sprachen. Wird von ca. 3,4 Millionen Menschen gesprochen. Und, ja, richtig, wir haben immer mehr Einwanderer aus dieser Gegend Twi is a Tonal language common in East and Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It is one of the Akan language dialects, which is mostly spoken in southern and central Ghana. Ghana, officially known as the Republic of Ghana, is a country situated on the African continent's west side. Twi has nearly one million native speakers across the world. It also includes the people who speak Twi.

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  1. Now the learn Akan Twi app has a lot of Twi vocabulary. Also, it is continually being updated with more. Furthermore, there is a search feature that enables you to search through all the listed..
  2. Zehn Lektionen geben einen Einblick in die Sprache Twi (Akan) , welche in Ghana gesprochen wird. Die Besonderheiten der Aussprache werden erl utert, die Wortstellung und Grundlegendes zur Grammatik bersichtlich in leicht verst ndlicher Sprache dargestellt. Mit jeder Lektion wurde ein bestimmtes Thema aufgegriffen, wie z.B. unterschiedliche Zeitformen, Verneinung, be- und unbestimmter Artikel.
  3. I was born in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital of Ghana, where Akan (Asante Twi) is spoken as the first language. Beyond acquiring the language from home as a child, I have also had the opportunity of studying it as a school subject at both the basic and high school levels. Again, my love for the workings of the language saw me pursuing a degree in Linguistics at the University of Ghana.
  4. Akan (twi) Language is widely spoken in Ghana and around the world with many Akan (twi) people and children living in many countries of the world. This app ensures that the Akan (twi) culture and..
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Akan Twi Bible, Ewe Bible and complete Audio from Genesis to revelation. You don't have to strain your eyes and read the Bible because from Genesis to Revelation is being read. This reading is not typical Twi reading, but modern reading. Brethren, this is the Twi Bible Asante you are looking for with great features Akan Gospel Songs. A list of Akan gospel songs in out database: A. Abandenden Ne Wo Yehowa Abode Nyinaa Yi W'aye Abode Nyinara, Mo Nkoto Ewurade Abra Metse Ase Yi (Wo Se Ayeyi) Aden Nti Na Merenda W'ase Yehowa Adom Bi Wo Jesus Afe Ako Aprow Agya Mebo Wo Mmerane (Ayei Ayei) Agya Onyame W'aye Mu Yie Doo So Aman Nyinaa Beyi Amen, Amen Nhyira Ne Enuonyam Ampara Nyame Na Oye Ampara Wo Ye Daa. This Twi video course is designed to help you learn Akan Twi and help you with all the tools you need to continue learning the Twi language. It's an interactive Twi video course. You get to ask questions in your learning process. If you already know Twi but don't know how to read then take this course In partnership with Akan Tree, we produce Twi songs as well for kids to leanr the language. read more. Projects. Clients. Ongoing Projects. audio produced. Stay in Touch. Success! First Name. Email. Submit. Location. Sunyani - Accra - Lansdale Contact (+233) 246-255-790 info@twivoices.com. Hours. M - F : 8am-5pm. Sat: 11am-6pm. Sun: Closed. Thank You To Our Partners. From Our Clients.

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  1. Akan, ethnolinguistic grouping of peoples of the Guinea Coast who speak Akan languages (of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo family). They include the speakers of the Akyem, Anyi, Asante (Ashanti), Attié, Baule, Brong, Chakosi, Fante (Fanti), and Guang languages; some scholars also consider Twi a distinct Akan language
  2. Twi (pronounced 'ch-wee' [ʨʷi]) specifically Ashanti Twi is a language spoken in Ghana by about 8 million people. It is one of the three dialects of the Akan language, the others b..
  3. In the official orthography of the Twi language, the Ashanti versions of these names as spoken in Kumasi are as follows. The diacritics on á a̍ à represent high, mid, and low tone (tone does not need to be marked on every vowel), while the diacritic on a̩ is used for vowel harmony and can be ignored
  4. Akan, also known as Twi [tɕɥi] and Fante, is an Akan language that is the principal native language of Akan lands in Ghana, spoken over much of the southern half of that country, by about 58% of the population, and among 30% of the population of Ivory Coast. Three dialects have been developed as literary standards with distinct orthographies, Asante, Akuapem (together called Twi), and Fante.
  5. Akan i Twi tyska - Twi ordlista. Akan översättningar Akan Lägg till . Akan proper. Bei den Akan ist Geschick in der Verwendung von Sprichwörtern ein Gradmesser für Weisheit. Wɔ Akan man mu no, sɛ obi de mmebu di dwuma ahokokwaw mu a, wobu no sɛ onim nyansa. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data . Visa algoritmiskt genererade översättningar. exempel Lägg till . Stam.

Welcome to the Twi Language Audio Training Course. This course is designed to teach you the basics both before and during your visit to Ghana. Learn essential words, phrases and vocabulary. This course is perfect for beginners and anyone interested in learning the Twi language Tag: Akan; Twi; Fante; Ghanaian Gospel; Praise; Worship; Praise and Worship Ͻrekyekye. July 4, 2016 ghospelyrics Akan Gospel Songs, Uncategorized One comment ϽREKYEKYԑ [HE'S SHARING] Ͻrekyekyԑo, Ͻrekyekyԑo [He's sharing ] Ͻrekyekyԑ N'adom nhyira nsu no [He's sharing the showers of His . Continue reading » Yeda W'ase A, Efata. July 4, 2016 ghospelyrics Akan Gospel. Akan kasa no, (ɛyɛ Twi/Fante/Akyem/Akuapem) yɛ kasahorow bi a ɛwɔ Potou-Tano abusuakuo ketewa mu na wɔn nyinaa firi Niger-Kongo abusua kɛse no mu. Akan abusua nkyekyɛmu. Asante, Akuapem, Akwamu, Kwahu, ɛne Akyem (ne nyinaa kabom ɛyɛ Twi kasa), Agona, Wassa, Fante (Mfantse: Anomabo, Abura, Gomoa) ɛne Bono. Bia abusuakuo nkyekyɛmu no yɛ: Anyinfoɔ, Baoulefoɔ, Anufofoɔ, Sefwifoɔ. Ghanafoɔ wɔ kasa ahoroɔ pii. Twi yε kasa ahoroɔ no mu baako. Nokware ni, Twi ka Akan kasa abusua a efiri 'Kwa' kasa abusuakuo no ho. Twi gu mu ahoroɔ pii, nanso ne nyinaa yε kasa baako a wɔn a wɔka no, obiara te ɔfoforɔ ase. Saa Twi ahoroɔ yi bi ne Asante-Twi, Akuapem-Twi, Akyem, Fante, Bono, Wasa, εne nea εkeka ho. Nnipa bɛyε ɔpepepem nson na ɛka Twi kasa wɔ Ghana

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Asew Bayifour Part1 Latest Ghana Twi Asante Akan Movie 2016 download. 342.5M . Asew Bayifour Part2 Latest Ghana Twi Asante Akan Movie 2016 download. 278.4M . BEST OF AKROBETO, LIL WIN AND NANA AMA MCBROWN 1 - Latest Asante Akan Ghanaian Twi Movie. Let's Speak Twi: Proficiency Course in Akan Language and Culture: A Proficiency Course in Akan Language and Culture. von Adams B. Bodomo, Charles Marfo, et al. | 28. Januar 2011. 3,8 von 5 Sternen 14. Taschenbuch 25,00 € 25,00 € Lieferung bis Freitag, 5. Februar. GRATIS Versand durch Amazon. Lieferung bis Valentinstag. Nur noch 3 auf Lager (mehr ist unterwegs). Andere Angebote 19,80 € (4. Akan yε Kasa wɔ Ghana man mu. Twi ne Fante - Akan. Asante yε akan kasa ɛna ɛsan yɛ ɔman din. Akanfoɔ tumi de ɔnipa to Asante sɛ ne din. Sɛ ɔyɛ barima a ɔde Asante. Sɛ ɔyɛ ɔbaa a ɔde Asantewaa This page was last edited on 8 August 2020, at 02:57. Text is available.

Twi [t͜ɕʷi] ist ein Dialekt der Akan-Sprache.In Ghana sprechen über 8,3 Millionen Menschen einen Akan-Dialekt.. Die Akan-Sprachen (Genaueres siehe dort) gehören zur Kwa-Sprachfamilie.Innerhalb des Twi werden die Dialekte Aschanti-Twi (auch: Asante-Twi, Aschanti, Asante) mit rund 2.800.000 und Akuapem-Twi (auch: Akwapem, Twi, Akuapim, Akwapi) mit rund 555.000 Sprechern unterschieden TWI? PeopleT andHistory Twi (i.e. Asante-Twior Akuapem-Twi)is spokenby two ofdialects the sub-groupsof the Akan people, namelythe Asante and Akuapem. The Akan are made up of a variety of ethnic groups found in the southwesternand south-central portions of Ghana. These groups include the Asante, Bono, Akuapem, Fante, Wassa, Akyem, and Kwahu. 1. a group of Akan dialects, embracing most of the Akan speech area, and including Ashanti

Rain Akan (Twi), Ghana Diana Hamilton, Ghana worship, Miracle Working God, Nsenkyerene Nyankopon Leave a comment (Sung in Twi) Ɛbi nom asi nkonwa (Spectators have gathered) Wagye front seat, ɔbɛhwɛ (They have taken the front seat in anticipation) Events unfolding Ɛbi kasa, Ɛbi nwinwi (Discussions are in progress, others are gathering ) In fact dodoɔ na koraa wɔ doute (In fact, there. The Twi language is one of the major languages of the Akan language family in West Africa. It is spoken predominantly in Ghana, West Africa, by about 85 percent of the Ghanaian population (both native and non-native speakers). Native Twi speakers constitute about 45 percent of the population of Ghana, whereas native Akan speakers, in general, form about 60 percent of that country's population. Translate Ghanaian Languages. Use the form below to translate English to Akan (Twi) or Ewegb


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The Akan six-day week, nnanson, is counted alongside the Gregorian seven-day week, nnawɔtwe, to form a combined total of a 42 day cycle. This is known as adaduanan or forty days. Therefore the current Akan/Twi names for the English months have arbitrarily assigned Akan are horo [hʊrʊ](wash), foro [fʊrʊ] (climb), to [tʊ] Twi is a tonal language. The tone with which a word is said can bring about difference in meaning. All vowels in Akan are tone bearing. Examples: i. paÛpaÛ (good) paÝpaÛÛ (father). Akan (Fantse Twi) - GHANA INTERMEDIATE This course advances the spoken knowledge of the (Fantse) Twi dialect of Akan language beyond the introductory level with emphasis on communicative teaching methodology resulting in attaining an intermediate level proficiency of the dialect. By the end of the course, students should be able to read and write as beginners of the Akan (Fantse.

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Yaw Dabo as Prophet Elijah - Akan Twi Full Movie. Ghanaian Kumawood Asante Akan Twi Full Movie. Come in and watch Free Twi Asante, Ghallywood African Films And Twi Movies. 41,938 views. no comments. Nsem Sisi Part 4 Ghana twi movies 2017 latest. Nsem Sisi Part 4 Ghana twi movies 2017 latest . 3,768 views. no comments. Nsem Sisi Part 3 Ghana twi movies 2017 latest. Nsem Sisi Part 3 Ghana twi. Download Akan Twi Bible - Akan Twi Bible give you complee holy bible in twi language. Along with the bible in twi we offer you a special section with a King James Version in english language. You have the option to read daily devotionals, listen..

ASASEHENE - Latest 2016 Ghanaian Asante Akan Twi Full Movie Like . Share . Thanks! Share it with your friends! Tweet Share Pin It LinkedIn Google+ Reddit Tumblr. ASASEHENE - Latest 2016 Ghanaian Asante Akan Twi Full Movie. Rating: Views: 48,612 views; Tags: Kalifas Twi Movies, Twi Movies; Categories: Kalifas Twi Movies; Related Videos: Yaw Dabo as Prophet Elijah - Akan Twi Full Movie. 41,951. »Twi-Deutsch«: Kleiner Sprachführer in Twi | Osei-Bonsu, J+B | ISBN: 9783038311843 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon The Akan language is known as Fante or Twi; it is a group of dialects within the Niger-Congo family of languages. The dialects of the Akan language include the Akuapem, Akwamu, Akyem, Bono, Agona, Wassa, Fante, Kwahu, and Asante. Some prominent people from the Akan community include Kofi Annan, John Atta Mills, and Kwame Nkrumah. History of the Akan People . The Akan people are believed to. Akan Twi is a tone language, which means that word distinction is determined not only by vowels and consonants, but also by the pitch on which each syllable is pronounced. For example, (high-high) 'good', (low-high) 'father', and (low-low) 'fan' are separate words that differ only in tone. Additionally, in Akan tone als Die Mole-Dagbani sprechen Mole-Dagbani, die Ewe sprechen Ewe, die Ga-Dangme sprechen Ga-Dangme usw. Die größte Volksgruppe in Ghana sind die Akan. Ihre Sprache nennt man Akan-Sprache oder auch Twi (sprich: Tschui). Sie gehört zu den Kwa-Sprachen

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Pressing Esc on the Akan keyboard layout will toggle the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Akan keyboard. The key will also turn on/off your keyboard input conversion. Pressing Esc on your keyboard has the same function. Press Shift for additional Akan letters that are not visible on the keyboard Method 2 — Twi/Akan Keyboard. If you find the text shortcut and hot keys complicated, or probably your phone doesn't have those options, this second options works on all Android versions and devices. All you have to do is to launch the Google Play Store and type Twi keyboard in the search box. You'll see several search results, but I personally prefer the GhanaKey - Keyboard for Ghana.


Dialogue (nkɔmmɔdie): Abena sua Twi. Ne kyerɛkyerɛni se ɔnkɔhwehwɛ nsɛm mfa Akan Abusuakuo ahodoɔ no ho. Abena kɔAgya Frempɔn hɔ. Kan nkɔmmcdie no. (Abena studies Twi. Her teacher asks her to research on the types of Akan clans. Abena goes to Mr. Frempɔn. Read their conversation) Abena ɔpanyin, mema wo akye ? Frempɔn Yaa ɔba. Continuation of Twi A. Twi is one of the regional languages of the Akan speaking peoples of Ghana constituting the largest ethnic group in Ghana. Twi is fast becoming the lingua franca of the country. The Akan people are well known for their art and culture, especially the traditional colorful Kente cloth. Note: Not open to auditors

Twi for Kids: Twi Nursery Rhyme - Me Ti M'Abati (HeadAkwaaba! ("Welcome" in Twi) #Akan #Fante #Twi | GhanaThe living Descendants of the Ancient Egyptians/LegacyOBAA NTI - AKAN GHANA MOVIES LATEST GHANAIAN MOVIES 2020

Twi is also known as Asante Twi, and is a common name for two former literary dialects of the Akan language, Asante (Ashanti) and Akuapem, which are mutually intelligible. There are about 9 million Twi speakers, mainly in Ashanti. Akuapem Twi was the first Akan dialect to be used for Bible translation, and became the prestige dialect as a result Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Learn Akan Twi. Akwaaba to learn Akan Twi!! That means welcome to learn Akan Twi. You are here because you have probably heard of the words Akan or Twi. Akan is a large ethnic group in West Africa and predominantly in Ghana. There are also Akan people in Ivory Coast. The Akan ethnic group is made up of Asante Twi, Akuapem Twi, Fante, Nzema speaking people among others. This site will help you. He accordingly uses (Tshi)Twi, Amina as well as Akan as labels for one and the same language. He at times refers to the same language as Twi and Fante language and not languages. All this is possible because, in the words of Schachter and Fromkin (1968:5), Until very recently when Akan became the official name for the dialects spoken by all the Akan people, there was no generally accepted. Twi Bible Akan 4+ Complete Twi Bible Audio ChristApp, LLC $4.99; Offers In-App Purchases; Screenshots. iPhone iPad Description. Welcome to Twi bible Asante Offline & complete Audio from Genesis to revelation. You don't have to strain your eyes and read the Bible because from Genesis to Revelation is being read. This reading is not typical Twi reading, but modern reading. Brethren, this is.

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